I love reading poetry
I like hearing bed-time stories
I’m passionate about travelling 
I can’t live without writing.

I love humming songs and
Dance around when I am happy
I love looking in the mirror and
Smile like I’m crazy

I feel early sunshine and 
That brings delight
I love playing in the mud and
Lying on the grass

I look for butterflies and
Love chasing them.
I like making friends and
Have fun eating their ears
I like annoying them with my songs
And complain they don’t care.
I love my little pets
three dogs and a bunch of fishes.

I love the scars on my body
‘Cause they are memories
I love looking beautiful 
But I never stress to be.
I like long skirts 
‘Cause they hide my thighs
I don’t think I’m ugly 
But sometimes I’m not comfortable.

I’m afraid to be alone
But I love solitude
I fear the world but
I will face it even if I fail.

I wish to get old and
Live alone near a lake
I love myself a lot and 
I know, no one can do that as much as I do.





WILD | Movie Review


I’m sure if you are into travel like a traveler never a tourist or at least planning for the same, then you must be a fan of the movie ‘Into the Wild’ and if you haven’t watched then it’s high time. Plus to this the previous year the movie ‘Wild’ came out to inspire many others. (Well, ‘Into the Wild is an extra-ordinary movie where ‘Wild’ cannot be even consider to compare with it)

‘Wild’ directed by ‘Jean-Marc Vallee’ starring ‘Reese Witherspoon’ is based on the bestselling memoir of ‘Cheryl Strayed’ about the cathartic three and a half months she spent hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

The movie says about Cheryl Strayed, a divorcee who sets off for a long walk through the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) all alone. Her only companion is her giant backpack which is called a monster by other travelers whom she meets at stops. As she walks, the story reveals her past, relationship with her mother and the reason behind her divorce. There is nothing much about the story. But the long walk into the struggles of being a solo women traveler, the determination of making it through the deserted ups and downs and finally seeking the salvation from her bitter past. On her way, she meets with obstacles through which the movie follows and inspires us to take the risk and live beyond what you have already been through.

This movie was Reese Witherspoon’s comeback in lead role. I found it odd that she was nominated for the Academy award for this movie. She was not bad but yet I don’t think it was her extra-ordinary performance for winning Oscar award.  

DoP and Editing deserves a clap for keeping the intriguing and mysterious touch and tone of the movie all along. Even though the things are revealed in flashes and a bit boring we won’t feel lost in the making.

One reason for which I suggest you to watch the movie is that it will make you look into your past and will compel you to find a reason to pack your bags and just walk off. So give it a try with less expectation!


WILD | Movie Review

Reading Poetry | Poems written by Ajay Vyas | Review

So let me begin with a big ‘Thanks’ to Ajay Vyas my fellow blogger friend who found me worthy to read and review his poems.  I’m a lover of poems and I read a lot. My favourites are Pablo Neruda, John Keats, Walt Whitman and many more.

When you start reading Ajay’s poems, you’ll recognize in the beginning itself that what is waiting ahead for you is nothing but a mirror. It’s all love, a feeling we are all familiar with. Now the poem has nothing more to say other than love but definitely in a different way.

And why do we read poem? Let me quote here what the legend himself says

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute—because we are members of human race. And the human race is filled with passion. Poetry, beauty, romance, love these are what we stay alive for” – John Keating aka Robin Williams (Dead Poets Society)

Ajay through his poem is sharing the love, at some point of our life we all have collided with. There are 28 Poems and each one has its own definition to love. Getting friend-zoned, meeting your first true love, first feeling of love to getting hurt, sleepless nights and feeling lost, everything is part of his verse. They are more like prose than verse but without losing the poetic pace.

Anyone who reads can relate it with you and say “Yeah I know how it feels.” Love is defined in many ways in every verse. He has empathized those feelings of being in love and has taken inspiration from them. Even though, there is one thing that times caught me stuck with, which was some purposefully made rhymes’. I found them a bit alien there and broke my pace of reading and had to go back again for the flow. But that can be avoided if you just read them to feel but never to judge. 

It’s really delightful to read such fresh and real poems rather than fake verses. Ajay has done much justice as a beginner and have done really good job with words.

Please connect with Ajay Vyas for Pdf!

Writer, Poet, Blogger: Ajay Vyas


 “In the review I have skipped grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and all. I believe, in poetry all you need to do is to convey right emotions and make sure readers feel it. Without any grammar if some structure less sentence can make me feel, then for me that too is poetry!”

 “This review is done on the request of its poet ‘Ajay Vyas’ himself. I’m here, doing nothing but sharing few thoughts as a reader and never as a writer.”


Reading Poetry | Poems written by Ajay Vyas | Review

#100HappyDays OF A #LunaticGirl | DAY 50

Today I tried portrait painting. It was hard but really fun.

To be frank , this one looks nothing like the original photograph which I used for inspiration. Yet I’m glad that I could do this much good in my trial it self. I’m proud of myself precisely :D



cgd - Copy


#100HappyDays OF A #LunaticGirl | DAY 50

Clouds of My Dreams


Dreams are like clouds

They float above freely

We wonder will they bless us

And they thunder ‘yes’ in reply


Dreams are like clouds

Some are light and some are dark

We wonder would they shower

Then they float and pass


Dreams are like clouds

Some are real and some are not

As we wonder, they disappear

Into thin air, just like that!


Clouds of My Dreams

A Smartphone Wish

I don’t have a phone and it’s true. Not because I don’t like one but I live in a conservative family and my parents think that a smart phone for me will be waste of money. I never complain or compel them to buy me one at least to stay connected with my friends. But I really wish if I had one. And my father last month said that I can have a new phone soon after I complete my college, about which I’m glad.

courtesy : economictimes.indiatimes.com

So, if I am to buy a phone it would definitely be one like Moto E Smartphone. I am a writer. But being a college student and working a little bit with teaching little children after my classes I find it a bit hard to manage blogging, connecting with others and everything together. Having a Smartphone will definitely help me a lot.

As soon as I buy one, the first thing I’ll choose to do is to download few apps that will help me stay organized and less stressed.

  1. Evernote: Being a writer, I need to scribble a lot. Well, for that I have a journal always with me still Evernote will definitely help me stay organized with the notes and important quotes arranged by date and time, which will save a lot of time when I finally sit to write.
  2. Buffer: After all the hush and hurry, I finally get time to write in the night. But then I don’t get much time to share it. And I’m a twitter person hence Buffer is a saviour. I can schedule all my post before I go to sleep.
  3. WordPress: This is very essential for me because that’s what my virtual world is.
  4. Whatsapp: Even though I’m not so cool with whatsapp (I think friends just hide themselves in it so much and give less value in being together and in having fun) but since all my friends are available there I’ll get to find them all easily.
  5. Kindle: for my reading even while I’m travelling. So more time saved.

This is how it goes. I’m sure I’ll find more to save my time with ease if I have a smart phone. I hope this post helps who have a Smartphone already and can relate themselves with my situation.


Lets choose to start with : http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ 

A Smartphone Wish