Illusion Every Night

I had an illusion
Of a girl who always
Sat and wept on my bed every night

Every night
she wept and washed off
Her sorrows on me

As the nights passed
I felt more heavy and heavier
Than ever I was as in a melancholy.

This had to stop
I was weak to bear
More pain than I had already.

I asked her to stop
And screamed and shouted
Hid under my blanket—frightened insanely.

She never did hear me
And wept more and more
And her tears kept falling

She was I
And the sorrows she bore
Was me.


Finally, it’s raining and life seems far better than before | Ramblings

I had to stay away. I couldn’t blog for a while. No excuses this time, but I was too lazy to sit and write things for the sake of writing.

After a week of adventures, finally I’m here to share what I am up to lately. Last week, our college organized and conducted a five days long film fest.  You know, I’m really fascinated about movies and the event was super inspiring to me as I have always wanted to have a look into the other side of film making. I got to interact with eminent peoples from film field and an hour of talking with them almost made me realize that it’s not that easy as we see a movie. There is lot more than just what we see. The effort and sacrifices and talent they put are made into one and half or two and a half hours movie!

What else?


‘devil’s duo’ that’s what he says. My little brother ^_^

Well, I have a thought now that, so far what I have been planning for my life need a touch-up and that I should come up with a better plan.

Don’t ask about my love life! That is the only reason I have to change my plans once in a while. Don’t know how this is going to go further. *fingers_crossed*

I’m reading a lot of topics lately. ‘Brainpickings’ is one source I can always depend upon. It actually nourishes the intellectual in me. Does that sound lame? Intellectual me? Funny!

So after being busy all the days last week, finally, it’s raining and I’m back to myself, the writer, the reader, the movie maniac and I’m sitting on my ass writing random stuffs happened in my life ever since my last post.

Sometimes, I wonder that does anyone here really bother what I have been doing, what I am going to do or what I think about this and that! Is anyone listening? Well I’m nearing 500 followers, and there are a bunch of people who consistently read and comment their thoughts on my post. To them, I’m sending my loves and hugs. It means a lot to me.


My new journal

Now the plan is, I brought a new journal and I’m going to write all the thoughts and ideas and scribble and paint and put down all the frustration, happiness, sadness and whatever it is, to this pretty book. And then I have been reading ‘The opposite of Loneliness’ by Marina Keegan quite many times. I think I should quit reading that and start a new book.


The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan (my copy)

I love rain. It always brings a new sign of happiness. I wish it stays and washes off all the wrong things ever happened in my life, I wish it takes away all the sorrows and bring fresh clouds one day.

I’m really happy and at the end of the day it is all about being happy.  We are all living for that joy, aren’t we?


This matters, so do you


As the sun dies wet in the sea

As the world shall go to sleep

I would be awake telling stories

To you, the listener of my dreams

Where in the world when I found you

I thought; perhaps the reason

I fought for so long


Things make sense, neither songs nor poems

But everything; they say ‘This verse shall be your fairy tale.’

As the sunrise, the rise of phoenix

As the world shall be awake

I would be sleeping serene

This matters, so do you

A fellow traveler, a friend, a companion


You Should Read a Book More Often!

I was always the one who read very rare or may be never, until I was left in a hostel room all alone by myself to feel desperately lonely. It was then my brother who used to ring me often and reminded me that ‘you are in a phase of changes, learn to observe and absorb it rather than compelling yourself to adjust.’ He has always been an inspiration.

One day, in our talk—very uncommon—came a topic of books. He was reading something those days that were about a mythology called ‘Immortals of Meluha’. He became so excited telling how the story goes and why is it so much influential. May be he was slowly persuading me to turn to books. Anyways I did.

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