‘Cough Syrup Surrealism’ by Tharun James Jimani | Book Review

I read this book last year. First time when I read it (I should not call it ‘reading’) I was skipping through it a lot because I got the book for just one day. Frankly, I could not enjoy it.  Last month I got to read it again. And this time I really used my opportunity and I didn’t have to regret about it.

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To Do Before It’s Late

This is actually a permanent page in my blog.  https://umadevu.wordpress.com/to-do-before-its-late/

However, the list has got slight changes by cutting off few because I achieved those goals and taking down few because I found them inappropriate to me now. I thought to share it with you all, before I bring the changes to the real page. :)

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Insidious Part 1 & 2 | Movie Review

I watched Insidious, both parts, the previous year. I’m a huge horror fan as I mention in every corner of a movie talk. I’m have a passionate obsession towards fear and can marry a horrifying ghost, to put it precise.

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Just Live

Life begins with questions.

What is going to happen tomorrow? What will stay with us from yesterday? Will we be able to survive today?

And the answers lie within our lives itself. We need to explore and discover. That’s where we achieve salvation, the so called spiritual word. For me, that is going to be when I finally feel complete.

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