I have been brought up in a conservative family. But I’m free, free inside a cage. I can fly to that corner from this and from this to there.  I am a writer.

And will you bother a writer with less experience? Then HELLO! I am talking about myself.

Im sitting in a congested room, with loads of books around.  I am an obsessed reader. And the only means through I get to experience things are books. To travel around, there is no better ship than a book. I don’t travel around, I don’t meet friends and hangout and I don’t have experience to talk about things.

But I do have a blog. And I’ve been blogging since two years. (Old blog: )

Discovering places, meeting new people, experiencing different occasion will help a writer to grow. I wanted to become a writer, when I started reading regularly two years back. Before that, I was not efficient to do anything worth a goal. But then when I started dreaming about becoming a writer and dreamt a day when my writings will be acknowledged, all the words came by it.

In Short, for becoming a writer, more than experience you need to have a desire to discover things by yourself. You can sit in your balcony and write great novels, because what drop to the paper is words of your IMAGINATION, not a life experience.

For writing a love story, you don’t need to fall in love and for writing about sex you don’t need to sleep with someone.

So Keep your chin up and keep writing. Everything will come by your way.