Frog never found this hard to ignore. She thought all the care and love he showed was of his sweet heart and this, he expressed is nothing but a fascination. But she was happy; still, however she didn’t fall for his words.

The conversation was over and she was left sleepless that night thinking; why? How? Should I?

Frog was again having a day alone, enjoying music, scribbling on her walls, nurturing her pets and so on. This wasn’t something she did for the first. She has been alone. But today she was feeling incomplete in everything she did. She wanted to pick her phone and text

“Hey Pumpkin…I did this…that and so “

But no use he was out of town. She didn’t want to disturb him. Just did stayed calm and missed him all the day.

Then on that bright evening, he pop up on her phone screen


Frog ran to her room hearing the message ring. Grabbed it and tapped as fast as she can.

“Hey… too busy ha?

Haven’t seen you all the day!

“Yeah was busy”

“How are you?” she asked

“Fine” he replied.

She was waiting for him to ask ‘How are you?’ and she was eager to reply ‘Not that well because I missed you’

But he didn’t and she felt huh!

“Won’t you ask how I am?” she asked

“I know you’ll be fine with me”

Was that a joke!!! Even if it was, she blushed like she never did. She was forgetting her past, unaware of her future and just hugged her present

Her heart stopped literally and she replied just a smiley. She couldn’t take the text further and left everything for a while.

Started thinking; why she is happy for having he in her life? When she already was in love with someone and it just that they haven’t talked for a month.

May be this was something else happening to her and she have started realizing her feelings. She knew what she has to do. She knew how to solve this and this was the right moment to just open up her feelings.

“Hey pumpkin… I think I’m falling in love”

There wasn’t any reply for so long. Then he asked “With whom?” naturally.

“With you” she was taking the risk of falling in love and now to express it.

“Aww… I feel so happy when someone loves me.” He talked so cute.


But suddenly, in between, kind of right timing, her beloved man with whom she was already in love has made a call FINALLY!!!

His man said he wants to meet her on Monday, two days later. And cut the call like a stranger.

She fell in thoughts and then the first thing poked her mind was a PUMPKIN HEAD. But now she was shivering. She didn’t know what to do.

“Hey” she typed and sends.

“Why do you love me?” Pumpkin asked.

“I don’t really love you… It’s just that I may fall” She changed her mind, suddenly.

“Then what does it mean by ‘you fall in love’ “he was anxious to know.

“I love my friend.” She simplified easily, with no kindness at all. But for whom!

“Ok. We’ll talk about it”

He called her in the midnight. She was packing her bags to go to Bangalore for her sister’s betrothal.

“What’s your problem?” he asked with a laugh.

“hey…if you’ve called to tease me then I’m gonna flip you into two” she grinned.

“I love to get flipped into” he laughed out loud. “Well we’ll talk about this when you’ll be back. So good night and I love you my friend” He really have a brain!!!

Inspirational Quote

Two days later ,she was in Bangalore and on Monday her man showed up. His name is Vinu and he was her guest.  Actually her dad invited him to Bangalore so that they can talk.

They met at the balcony. He looked at her for a while and started laughing. And she felt like a clown.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Nothing my little girl…look at your face…Cool we are not married yet.” He was sorting things in his way.

“hmm” she didn’t have words.

“Are you sad with me?”

“Yeah” She was stern.

“I’m sorry. But we made it dear. May be we’ll get engaged next year.” He said smiling.

“What?” She was surprised.

“Yeah…It’s true. I told this to everyone last week itself. But I wanted to tell you this.. So I warned them.”

He held her hands and kissed them. For those moments she forgets everything and she smiled.

“I love you” he said.

“I love you too” she replied.


Pumpkin and Frog did exchange some texts, when she Was in Bangalore. But they never behaved like they did had a love talk previous weekend.  He didn’t bothered and she tried hard not to bring that talk again. And that really worked.  They never talk about it then. They started pretending to be normal.

There was some reason or may be not for him. But for her the reason of this ignorance was getting back her love. She didn’t want to cheat him. Love with Pumpkin was something that happened by fate, because she really needed someone.

Today, after three months, Pumpkin and Frog rarely talks, they don’t even text properly…

This moment she really miss a best friend, a friend who taught her “bla..” , who made her laugh at his weird habits, who asked her “ why don’t you try some weed?”… and now she really do smoke at times when she miss her pumpkin and no one knows that.

Some people come to your life for no reasons. Like vise she still hasn’t figured out who Pumpkin was for her. Some stories are incomplete because god has some other plans for them.


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