“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”


“Dad even after I get over my surgery, then the exams and all, I’m not going back to college for doing something that just isn’t me.”

“What will you earn from this?” My dad asked when I dared to tell him that I want to quit Engg. And want to opt writing as my career.

I didn’t have an answer for that, but I knew nothing is about making money; at least not my dream is about that. Then what was it all about! What should be the answer to his question?

In this corporate world, yes you really need to work, because you need money you need to get ahead. But do you really think for this, one should sacrifice his/her desires! No, I can’t.

I know I’m not a great writer but I’m not bad either. I have many options to secure my life. So please no worries about MONEY. I will definitely earn. May be I won’t become a millionaire, but I will be happy and satisfied with what I have.

What if there was no meaning “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”?

Well you need courage to choose different, walk alone, and then show your mid finger say ‘I did it’ when you finish your goal, all alone. (No offence dad, I love you)

It’s a bit about self satisfaction. Paulo Coelho has mentioned about ‘one crazy thing about Human; Contradictoriness’. You work hard, day and night, you fall ill and then you spend all your earning to get well. You live as if you will never die and die as if you never lived.

C’mon, you just have one life; give it a chance at least for your conscience. Because, later it would be too late to regret and rewind.