I’ve posted in my old blog about one of my dream project. It was to set up a library for those who can’t afford and for those who don’t have reliable source for the availability of good books. Well I was appreciated for this idea.
( Read old post: http://umadevu.blogspot.in/2013/07/my-dream-project.html )

So I started collecting books and I read it myself. I was so excited to share it with everyone. I wanted everyone to read them. But something else happened. NO ONE SHOWED ANY INTEREST.

I started talking about books and my friends, family everyone started yawning. That was horrible.

What if, I set my library and no one shows any interest? What if, My dream ends up in a trash?

This made me think  out of the bubble and I fortunately found a SOLUTION.


“Speakers & Listeners”

This is my new venture to share ideas and inspire others. We conduct motivational talks in schools and colleges giving priority to the ‘Importance of reading’. At the same time we will include other inspirational topics.

Not only this, we provide students an opportunity to submit their writings. Let it be Short stories, Poems, Articles etc. We will publish it in our blog ( SpeakersandListeners.wordpress.com ) and will spread your word around.

Our work will be starting from a school in our small town ‘Haripad’. Venue of inauguration will be announced soon. I’m really happy! 🙂

I hope all support and prayers from my dear friends.

Thank you!