I’ve heard when we carry a strong desire, it’s like carrying a baby in the womb. You desperately wait for the baby to see light.

I have a dream, a desire that would come true every night when I write at least a page. My wish and prayers to god is to give me peace every day, so that I can write and feel complete before I sleep.

It was always words that created a wonder web around me. I was stuck and alone, but I was happy, still I am. I kept writing about everything I saw around, from a little bug to my neighbor’s new sleeveless shrug.


I follow a passion and I want friends who love writing to join me. For this I created a blog platform called Speakers & Listeners which for some reasons has changed its name to  ‘ Creative Couch ‘.

Well, this is a non- profit project. Yes I may earn a few bucks if I include ads on the site, apart from that this blog and it’s intention is to bring words out of the drawer.