My immature emotions has always dragged me into troubles. I fall in love when I was 15 and I was immature then. But I don’t regret about the so called Love that happened to me, Because Life gradually taught me how to be faithful in a relation. That shows I’ve stepped into maturity.

But with my parents, emotions and feelings are still immature and I feel insecure.

May be not with mom, but with dad , it’s too different and difficult.

My decision to quit Engg. and opt for what I love to do was the greatest mistake he points out. Still I’ve no answer with me to justify my decision because yet I haven’t proved myself and success seems as far as sky.

To dad, I haven’t yet disclosed completely about Creative Couch. It’s in progress and I think he won’t bother about it unless I prove it right and make it success.

So I decide to stay Silent for every arguments, for my words could bring back a response hard on my face. SHIT!


I need support, love and care but all unless I have power in my hands.

“I believe in God
May be I believe in the faith he gave.”