When I became 18, people around me started talking about my marriage. My relatives even decided that I should have a child in an year since my marriage! That’s Hilarious! I, handling a family is unimaginable. As I mentioned in the previous post, Maturity is really a problem I face.

Well, I wanna get married. I’m in love. But that doesn’t means that I want to marry right now. There’s a right time for everything. Right Now, I’m busy finding my identity.

Should I meditate?

Should I go to Himalaya and Meditate?

Because these days the only question I find around is WHO AM I?

My grandma is sometimes a leech and sticks to my Mom, advising her that she should think about her only daughter’s wedding ASAP!

And I have just one answer “Leave me! I’m want to study”

That’s too much. May be I don’t want to study but I don’t want to get married now either.

What I expect from my life is something else. I know someday or may be in four years I’ll get married. I may have a beautiful life. But before all this happen, before I find other priorities, I want to find my Identity.

I’m Ambitious and I dream.
Those dreams never let me sleep.

I want to fulfill one dream. I want an Identity because Identity do matters to me.

So, What’s your take on getting married at the age of 18?