I’ll start with my gratitude towards an year just passed by. Gracious 2013!

I don’t like or believe in looking back. But this year I will, Because Hey 2013! You showed me who I am.

I clearly remember, it was a fine morning of March. I was sitting in the balcony, reading Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte. Next moment I chose to become a writer, just because I read a book. Impulsive, but so true.

Somewhere I thought that, as my every other dreams this would also end when I fail in succeeding. But once I started writing, it was hell I couldn’t stop! I loved the feelings that came out, I realized what’s cooking inside my heart, and I saw how it feels to see the reflection of your emotions like your image in the mirror.

My one and only Impulsive decision which really changed my life was this, to become a Write, at least for my sake.

So a life changing moment was happened the previous year and I will always look back to it.

Well, about Resolutions this year.

All I have to do is to work on my laziness. Oh yes I am and I have to!

Otherwise I won’t be able to write every day, I won’t able to finish my dream project & I will never able to call myself a WRITER and that hurts.

With lots of love and New Year Wishes.

Drama Queen Signing  Off,