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Long back,long time before the ancient songs,
God made me god of all,provisionally.
To challenge the ways of his,
accordance of my own mighty bliss.

“Be the excellence I failed to be,
more or less the your kin wish to see.
Beseech the order of relevant peace,
one you all hurry from zero to race.
And once done and dusted,look back
to me for a glimpse of godship, rested.”
Said to me was by him,
with winks of selfless servitude.

oh, I knew, the part of god,
the easy one the world beholds,
was deemed of serene dodge,
from miserable prayers of plea,
of needs of claims and of everything,
not to forget the thanks giving.

Oh,yes,I turned god.
Strained my idle to innerself
and fought for my kin,
I ordained peace, from claws
of inevitable war and wars.
Looked back at the end only to
see the world you…

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