Pic Courtesy : PINTEREST

Dear Self,

I know, all the things happening around you these days, have brought confusions to your life.  But why are you  bothering?
You were strong when you fall into this. Yet you are. You solved every puzzles and have reached this level where now you can face the other world with pride.

All you have to do is, ignore them who doesn’t bother your presence and hug them who just brought big changes just through their word of console.

Remember, someone told ” You are lucky. Just stay within all these troubles because this how you are going to discover who you are and what you really want from your life!”. And some day you are going to have the courage to run away from all the mess and have a life you’ve always dreamt about.

You love playing with words, don’t you? Then cherish all these moments. Later these moments shall pave way for another story of your life.  
Stay Happy. I love you.