Shall I start with its definition. A serious psycho is one who barely smiles, one who is always in an urge to get furious at people or should I say at me.

He never ever takes things lightly, or else, he manipulates it in fire and hurl it at others.

The toughest part is, he is my best pal.

He’s the most possessive person I have ever seen. I should be grateful to him, because he takes care of me. But he is serious and seriousness is a very serious problem, you know.

I was on stage, taking part in a contest. He admonished me to wear descent dress since we are in a mixed college.

Later, when the results were announced, I was the winner and a guy came to me saying “You look beautiful on stage”.

The serious psycho was around. He looked at me as if he would feed me all together in anger.

“Bud, you should be happy for me, ” I said

“How come? That guy just called you beautiful!”


“So!.. so he looked at you in a bad way. He is obviously not in his right mind. I told you not to fall into such things…”



P:S – This post is written for the Indiblogger contest #ConditionSeriousHai