So when you know, you have done a lot and nothing is going to work anymore; you quit. And like they say, those who quit are cowards. But I would say those who continue doing something that is not actually working for them, are fools. It’s like looking into the wall instead of a mirror.


A year ago, I was doing the same. And I failed; miserably. I thought it’s time to quit. But then, how can I? I am not a coward to quit! That’s when I realized how important is to be responsible in what you are doing for fulfilling your dream.

All I want was something to backup myself from the depression of failing, without quitting. I decided to walk off the track. Putting my dream in a box and finding another to give myself a confidence that I can do, far better than this. I never threw the box. I found another dream. I started working for it.

Sometimes I look back into the box, realizing how being passionate can bring you happiness and more confidence. Today I have a big box of lot of my dreams pending. But on the other hand when I look up in to the sky I can see more that I fulfilled already.

Now I opened my box again with more confidence and sparkle in my eyes. I see many ways to bring each of them to light.


All you got to know is, being passionate is what matters. When you decide to quit, you are losing that passion. You lose the confidence and then you may never face a dream again. And that is a disaster.

Just relax, find another reachable goal. But never forget your dream. Just keep it aside for a while. And work for another. You’ll start feeling better, you will feel the positivity, you will reach success and you will be more confident to reach the goal you have kept aside. Cheer up. Quitting is never an option.