He kept silence, even his love for her was screaming inside.

She knew he was true to his heart. But she didn’t pay a heed. She believed life is unpredictable and never wanted to hurt him for the same.

That night, when they met yet again, he felt she coming closer to him. He wanted her to be beside him like forever. She came closer. The night seemed to be taking much time than usual.  He realized, she do love him.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked

“Yes, you can!” She said

The blanket brought them even closer and love was fluttering in the wind. He was so happy to have her in his life. They made love and she hugged him so tight. He whispered “you are the lamp of my life”.

When sun lit on their face, she woke up giving him the warmth of her lips. When she was about to leave he held her hand;


“I love you. Marry me”

“Oh it’s time to leave and by the way there is nothing like love. We had a good time”

She left without Love.