She tried holding her tears but failed. His words fall into her eyes like sunlight after years of darkness that it took a while for her to embrace it. He was a lamp like he said to her she was. The same way she felt for the first time ever that she was so special to someone. Or maybe she have felt this before like the way being special to someone but that was temporary and she trust him and this is forever she knew.

He started loving her. He loves her the way she is. She is ugly, she is naughty, she is hard to adjust with and she is odd comparing to others. She is just another girl with extra ordinarily nothing. Still he loves her for that nothing!

He makes her feel like angel whenever they talk. He hugs her with his words when she needs him and is going through a tough time. He made her promise that she’ll never leave. But today she is surer that he will never leave her for nothing under the sun. And now she may ask what about something above the sun and then he replies “Lets die together, what else can come between us?”

The Kiss!

( No “The End” it’s just a beginning )