She was sleepless that night. Couldn’t find herself normal since it was yet another night without him beside. Missing someone such badly was the first time and all she can do was to dream about that guy. She held her strong, thinking not to drop tears again. She knew, if he was around he wouldn’t have let her to bear such pain.

A guy like him is every girls dream. The way she use to hear ” I love you” was magical, she often said.

Now she is alone in her bed. Not knowing how to bring him back to her. He is away just to keep her safe. He is scared to drag her into evils. He is away for her peace for which he don’t know she is sleepless yet again.

She is in love with her pillow tonight. She can smell him everywhere, so do the pillow smells the same.


p.s : Unedited piece of writing. Just scribbled and shared. For fun! 🙂 Happy reading.