They were together and old. He held her shivering hands and kissed them.

“Please…Don’t go!”

She smiled and leaned up towards his face and whispered

“I won’t”

The ‘forever’ between them was about to end, the doctors predict.

Old, she was almost done with her life and was breathing just because he was beside and smiling; they said.

“Can I take her out for dinner?” He asked

“Yes, but make sure to keep her happy.” They replied

He smiled.

They went out holding hands and with clutches in the other.  Sat on a bench with sandwich she made especially for him.

“You are an amazing cook”

“Oh, it took 70 years to you to realize that. Ha?” she complained

He touched her cheeks and said

“Stay with me another 70 years and let me tell you from the very beginning”

They hugged and she slept.