I met her for the first time.


We waved hands to make sure we are here to meet each other. A calm corner in the beach where I usually sat and wrote poems;  sometimes when I miss her.


“Hey” she said


And I felt blood through my nerves.


Her voice was sweeter than how I heard it through the phone. She was not that beautiful as I expected but yes she had that charm in her eyes to attract my attention.


 “Hai” I replied and saw she was blushing.


We smiled at each other for a while and then all of sudden we broke into laugh. I held her hand and walked through the sand. We looked eachother without sharing anything but a smile.


We traveled around the city, watched movies and had fun together like friends.


Sun was gone and we stepped into the street reaching somewhere in the dark. She said so quite coming near to my ears


“Too late. I gotta go”


“No” I compelled.


“Please” I saw a fear in her eyes. Her worry bothered me and I left her hand. She hugged me, the warmest hug I’ve ever felt.  When she was about to

leave, I stopped her again.


Took her face in my hands and touched her lips with mine. Kissed her deeply and said


 I love her to my life.


~ UmA