Scent of My City

I am wanderlust. But since I was born and brought up in a very conservative family, I get very less opportunity to even travel out of my city.

There is one way I discover the beauty around, is a 45 minute travel in public transport to my college. I get on the bus every morning at 8: 30 and find a window seat, usually the same one, like it is reserved for me.

The view out through the same window one day is never the same the other day.  The path is the same it never changed but the people I saw on both sides were different and I enjoyed looking at their faces. They gave different expression which showed how the day was for them. Some seemed happy; some sad; some were expressionless it seemed like they were going through their usual routine.

Then it was the wind which melts my heart with its touch. It was raining and I smelled the soft sand that spread in the air. The bus stopped near a thattukada (food stall or Dhaaba), then it was the spice of dishes and I felt hungry even I had well that morning.

On summer days this wind around me had a smell of ripe mangoes. That evening I brought a kilo of them, I couldn’t resist. I saw children playing in the marsh and it was a visual delight and the most missed fragrance of earth. This reminded me the ‘Chikhalkala’ festival in Goa, dedicated to mother earth.


The freshness I get every morning through the same window made me feel, there is more to explore and I should start travelling soon.

Every place the bus stopped had an amazing scent that seduced me. Let it be the morning to college or the evening back to home. These one and a half hours of my life everyday is the best time I explored a small but big world around me.


P:S – This post is written for the Indiblogger contest |  Godrej | #InspireAFragrance  


2 thoughts on “Scent of My City

  1. We are so alike! I hold the bus trips that I take back from coaching classes at night, really close to my heart.
    Fortunately the bus moves fast and is scarcely populated, and if your stars favor you, you get a window seat and can greedily have the entire window to yourself. To feel the wind in your hair and to look at the bright yellow bar sway in the wind is by far my favorite thing about bus rides! 🙂

    1. So true. I suggest every traveler that they shud travel via public transport. It’s the best way to discover every essence of the place we pass through. Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a good day 🙂

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