I mean it; I don’t want to give birth to her.

Why should I?

They are all against her.

Okay, for a moment let me believe she has arrived and then?

Who will assure her security?

 May be I can, but how long?

She is safe nowhere, at any age. Not even in her school and never in this society. Shhhh…She has eagles following her.

Then this world has a bunch of fools.

They are waiting for their slaves. Should I let her live with them?

And teach her to adjust?

We are responsible for this dominance over our daughters. We never taught them of Goddess Durga and never really understood the meaning of feminism.

I will educate her, spending everything I have, then?  She will be ditched just in the kitchen or shall be considered only for the sake of their bed. 

She is not allowed to dream. For they say “You are a slut”.

Being ambitious is a crime, just because she is a girl.

Why should I give birth to her? Why should I let her suffer?

She deserves not to be born to this bitch world!