Day 28 : I have ’18’ first cousins, among them there is this one guy I admire and love the most. We call each other with funny names, We watch movies (mostly horror :D) late night, he tease me always for every little thing I do, we write stories together and other hundreds of memories I can recollect on this special day. He was the one who led me to the way of writings.
I still remember that night when I asked out his help with a decision I was confused about.
“I can’t always help you out. Because I’m trying to solve all the confusions I have about my career. But just be sure that I’m always there in one or the other way”
Goshh! Dundu, Im sure you r laughing out loud now and you’ll not spare this too for teasing me. But still, Love you brother ❤  and all the best for your movie 🙂 #Happy_Cousins_Day 😀 (24|7|14)