I was going through the pages of my diary last day, quite excited. There are number of things I have penned there calling it my wish list.

I still remember those days when I was too eager and enthusiastic about fulfilling each and every wish of mine. But, sadly, I couldn’t. Where must have I lost? I thought.


Too much involved in a process brings stress, which made me aggressive towards everything came in between. Even I forgot to embrace a pleasant morning. Instead, I woke up with firm determination that by the end of the day I will fulfil at least one from the list, which again brought stress; nothing else.

I am an ambitious person. I know. Some admire me for that, which is an honor. But now it’s kind of opposite. I’m not that enthusiastic as I was few months before. The reason is. I saw people with less worry, less stress and always cheerful but still passionate and hard working about their dream.

I want that in me.

Not just the dream or the passion or something. I want a life with less stress & less worry. I want to wake up every morning hurrying for nothing but to breathe. Still I want to fulfil every dream of mine.

I quit planning. I forgot my diary and wish list somewhere in the mess. And days later, yesterday, when I gone through the pages, I found I have fulfilled many of them already. That’s the real dream come true moment.

So that’s it. Plan less, think less, just live the life like that. I didn’t say don’t plan, don’t think, I just said ‘Haste makes Waste’