I stepped out of my room

And found darkness everywhere

I got lost in that darkness

This swallowed me alive

I am an insecure woman

Scared of the world and

The darkness everywhere

I find an exist nowhere

Neither in the light

Still, I dare to walk even

Stumbling and colliding with

People I have never met

I feel like, I am under

Surveillance of thousands of eyes!

They stare and stare

As I grow up and then

I start dying; little by little

Losing hope of surviving

I live in a silence leaving

No trace, I was here

I cover every inch of my body

They think I am seductive

Just born babies are not spared

I’m a grown up women

How can I hope to survive?

I doubt every person

Loosing trust in my own eyes

I don’t speak aloud, for they can

Hear and follow me anywhere

Somehow I manage to live,

Living in the fear of Rape

And the torture they prepare

After all this,

At the end of the day

I am a fish, grabbed

In their hands writhing

And then I die!