He had beer and I sipped my orange juice. I wanted to try out his favourite Apple Vodka. But he was a stubborn, never allowed me unless it’s his birthday.

That night, yet again, we were on the roof top cuddled under a blanket. He seemed lost like a puzzle unsolved. He kept mum for so long that I started missing him as if he was far from me. Indeed, he was.  I felt my soul loosening up. Atlas, I broke the silence.

“What’s bothering you baby?”

He was listening. But his eyes were staring long into the night life of a big city.

“Are you okay?” I asked again.

“Yeah, I am.”

I smiled and leaned toward his lips to kiss him. But his eyes, again, were wondering in some kind of thoughts.

I felt like I should leave him alone for a relief. I got up.

“I think I should leave baby. You are puzzled and…”

“Yes I am.” he said.

It took a while for me to digest the fact that he was in love with somebody, but not me.

I sighed

“If that’s what the puzzle is, then let me solve it with the last hint you just gave. I should leave.”

He didn’t stop her, not knowing he would miss her most on the roof top where they had dreamt of a life, now he is planning with some other girl.