Let me tell you about this. My friend chose to write a thriller story and his friend chose to write an emotional story. They both started telling their tales. And the emotional one got more applause. The End!

But why???

I was wondering  both the stories have equal positives and equal negatives in their respective themes, then why just one of them, the emotional one, got more appreciation?

Because, it was EMOTIONAL!

It’s been so long since I had been writing junk of stories and poems. Most of them are the so called ‘Emotional Attack’ towards the reader. All my stories and poetry have a content of loneliness, tragedy, lost love kind of themes, which indeed people can relate with their lives.

But this doesn’t mean that you are supposed to choose JUST emotional or tragic stories.

When you start writing a tale, just think a while. Why are you writing this? For whom are you writing this? I would suggest, first satisfy yourself. Then consider your reader.

Your reader need pace. When you begin, they should lose their breath and the story should end either by giving them the relief or by taking it forever. Giving the relief is easy since we can do that by writing a ‘Happy ending’. But then taking it forever is a bit hard, (Note: Thriller need the pace to take away readers relief like forever)

Let me give you an example, I watched a movie ‘The Shining’. It’s a psycho horror. I was freaking out when I was watching the movie. Not because I was petrified, but because I didn’t understand a single stuff of the story. There was nothing to talk about; Zilch! I even felt committing suicide when I was watching the movie.


But then a friend gave me a well observed description which made me watch the movie again last day.


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I realize, they very much succeeded taking away my relief by the psycho/hypnotic content of the movie even though the story seemed not much to me. So, what matters when it comes to a piece of work, especially a story, poetry, movie etc you need to grab the audience into your work, they must feel they belong there in it and they must feel empathy towards the characters. (Note: May be that’s where emotional stories succeed)

From now, let’s start re-writing it. Get the pace into the plot. Let your readers feel the suffocation. There is no need of twist and turns and mystery if you can draw their attention to the real theme.


P.S: Just a mere observation. There’s nothing intellectual here. 🙂