You have not grown enough

To understand others.

It was your pride

Lead to stumble upon strangers.


Some are wise, some are humble

Some are secrets, Some are intruders


They show the least of

What they had in their past.

They may tell you their present

‘Cause you belong there; no need to question that


Their future depend upon

How you welcome them to your heart

They may stay, they may leave

I advise, Expect the least; you wont get hurt


Strangers are strangers

Unless they understand who you are

But then, If you fail

Yourself to realize

Where you have reached and

It’s never enough to know the world

You are going to end up in tears

Like someday I did; yet I feel I continue


‘Cause I’m not grown enough

To understand the world

‘Cause they have never known

What I bear in my innate soul