She knew it was her decision to crush her heart but she later regretted since the pain was unbearable. She forgot to smile. She stumbles when she wanted to dance. Music started irritating her; lyrics brought those memories back.

It was then, when she was broken, he held her hands. No reason, not even any relation. He came like a wind. Touched her softly with his heart. Far away somewhere in the woods he lived just for others to smile. He chose our girl to bring her back to the life she wished of.

She trusted him the least. He never gave up on knowing what her story was. She could barely avoid him; he bound her in his spell.


“Have you felt loved when you kissed?” he asked

She paused for moment and recollected those moments when she kissed her past Love. May be she use to love him too much that she couldn’t say neither yes nor no.

“Why are you after me? “She asked.

“Just for a smile on your face. I promise, I can bring it back”

“I don’t want to fall in love with you” she doubted his intention.

“I don’t want it either. Let me show you what life is” he replied.

She held her breathe and decided to walk along with this stranger who promised her every happiness.

They began. He took her for a ride and made her feel the breeze caressing her hairs. When it was raining they walked on the road without an umbrella. Even when they both never knew to swim, they jumped into the sea trusting each other. He saw her laughing for those silly moments. Later they together waited for the sun to set.

She looked at his face and he was looking far into the sea. The golden sunshine and his sparkling eyes made her fall in love him; she held his hand. They went into the woods and lay on a grassy land. He pointed his fingers towards the sky.

“Make a wish” he said.

“You have fulfilled all my wishes, how can I ask you for more” she replied.

“There is no limits for your wishes and I’m not tired yet” he winked.

She looked back to the sky and flew in her thought. After a sigh;

“You see the starry sky don’t you?” she asked.


“Beneath this pale moon light and these candles of starts, I want to kiss you. May I?”

He was silent and just kept looking into her eyes. She came closer to him and their breathe fall on each other. They kissed passionately and felt loved this time. Perhaps call this her first kiss but she never knew this was her last too.

She fall asleep in his arms and when she woke up he was gone; he vanished into thin air. But she didn’t regret for he gave her a perspective to live her life to the fullest. He taught to be thankful for the little happiness around. He gave her the innocence she lost somewhere in her past. He made her smile and he wanted nothing else. She lived happily ever after with him in her heart.

Love doesn’t always means to be together forever. Love sometimes need just a moment to conquer every heart and keep you fallen in love until you die. All you have to do is, just try bringing smile on their faces.