I’m in love.  I doubt to mention one name; for I love all of them who pass a smile on my face, for I am in love with you, him, her and everyone.

Love has no demands to put forward. I’ve been in a relationship for five long years. Love cannot be measured by ‘how long have you been in a relationship’ either! Love is not just about being with each other forever. Love is never about sacrifice.

Then what exactly does love means? I doubt, Does love has a meaning at all! But then, my doubt is absurd. Love does have meanings.

Love is a feeling; we define in accordance with comfort of our emotions. Love is care, Love is marriage, Love is Hug, Love is Kiss, Love is sex, Love is being together, and Love is this and that; Love is Love, that barely people realize.

If you see me smiling at nothing, that’s because I am in love. When I wake up with the early sunshine falling on my face through the pale blue window glass, I blush; because I am in love with an abstract, I call it Life. When a friend of mine, hugs me, I fall in love. When she says I’m the best I fall in love with her. When another friend, he says he loves me for no reason, I fall in love. When a child suddenly bumps on to my lap with a smile in the bus I go to college, I fall in love with that baby. When an old lady asks me for help and I could do it for her, she responds a smile of contentment, and I fall in love with it. When I sit alone and cry for hours, I fall in love with that pain; because life is never about just being happy, it’s okay to be sad at times.

I am in love with him; someone who is nothing, but everything to me. I guess he realizes.


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