Life is unpredictable. But we all do have planning, believing some day , perhaps ten years later this is how our life is going to be like.

I live an isolated life, I don’t desire but I have to embrace this. Junks of papers, cluttered thoughts, wild this room is where I live for almost three years now.

I have a plan; I call it “The Runaway Plan”. Travel is my passion. Don’t doubt writing is an addiction. By next ten years the most possible thing that would happen in my life is a lot of travels. I want to meet new people, hear lots of stories, be part of many, write as much as possible and just wander around living life to the fullest. It’s a dream, where reality is worst. Even though the worst can bring troubles, let me dare to face it since experience is the best teacher I can ever have.

But then I remember Robert Frost

“Woods are lovely dark and deep
but I have promises to keep”

We all have certain purpose for this life. I do believe this and what I believe is that I am meant to be part of his dream. To be with him in every ups and downs, to help him out from the chaos he face, to share his happiness when he succeed. Trust me; there is no happiness better than watching the other person happy just because of you. I suggest, try this out. Help someone who need it; who wish it.

So the next ten years can be precisely said as the most creative decade I am planning. Travel, Reading, Writing, Hangouts, Friends, Filmmaking and most importantly to be the better half of someone who needs me; The rest I leave to god.


30 Days Writing Challenge along with #100HappyDays | Day 2 – Next ten years of my life |