2014 has been both good and bad for me. The previous year I was able to find what I wanted to do with my life. This year, setting those goals has dragged me both into hell and heaven. I learned to face my fears that came in between me and my goals. I’ve got into troubles, I’ve got depressed, sad like hell but I have been happy too. And I’m sure 2015 must’ve got something even worse and even happier stuffs waiting for me. After all, that’s what life is, right?


Yesterday I was penning down my favourites from 2014 for my journal. It was actually fun that I got to realize that I learned so much by the end of the year. I realized how much I changed with my attitude and how much the laziness I had in me earlier has gone because I’ve been very creative this year than the previous.

So here are my favourites from 2014

You know I love reading. I managed to read many books this year. But there are few which shall remain my all time Favourites.

  1. Fault In Our Stars – John Green
  2. Love Poems – Pablo Neruda
  3. The Motorcycle diaries – Ernesto Che Guevara
  4. Manju – MT Vasudevan Nair
  5. Ente Kadha – Madhavikutty aka Kamala Das


  1. Baawra Mann Dekhne Chala (Hindi)
  2. Jalte hai jiske liye – Sujata (Hindi)
  3. And I love you so much – Don Mclean 
  4. Banjaara – Ek Villain (Hindi)
  5. Ennodu Nee Irunthal – I (Tamil)
  6. Nangeli (Malayalam)


  1. Incendies (Canadian)
  2. Book Thief ( Eng )
  3. V for Vendetta (Eng)
  4. Bangalore Days (Malayalam)
  5. Ilmare (Korean)
  6. Gone Girl (English)
  7. Into The Wild (English)

Hell I can’t resist the list. There are so many movies that came to my mind when I started listing them. Precisely I have watched more movies than reading books. My goodness! It would be so unfair to stop the count of favourite movies here. But let me keep it short and will surely make up a separate post for movies.


Lessons (both good and bad)

  1. Procrastination can never take you anywhere. (Yeah I JUST learned it)
  2. Not all strangers can be good friend to you.
  3. Laughing for no reason can heal so much of pain (Warning : Only when no one is around)
  4. Carrying a notebook everywhere nourished the writer in me
  5. Being a social media addict is both waste and useful ( I’m confused )
  6. Having a secret within you can make you a strong person. ( I have one )
  7. Life can work as your written plan if you sincerely dream it and work for it.
  8. Saying Yes to Yes and No to No.
  9. Learn to live without anyone. (Just imagine you are stranded in a city where there is just you and no one else) People come to your life for a reason and when it’s done, they’ll go.
  10. Love yourself and others will love you, may be not immediately but eventually.

That’s just a brief. Analyzing your life and lessons are pretty hard but I’m happy that as I’ll grow up I’m going to learn more.

 And tomorrow, life will be more fun than today. 🙂