“Don’t tell, just show” is the most widely given advice to every writers.


While writing, I always wonder how can I keep my readers smiling, crying or make them angry through my words. That sounds a tough job because I have to ‘Show’ them what I have visualized while writing. You have to keep them engaged, at the same time they should feel the particular emotion through which the character/narrator in your writing is going.

So to solve this I found an interesting idea.

‘Talk to your readers’. That sounds impossible, right? But I meant it in some other way.

We all write letters and emails to our far away friends and family sharing about stuffs happening in our life. I have seen my grandmother reading letters send by my uncles who are far away settled and when the mobile phones were not so usual, those letters contained words of emotions, I mean ‘many emotions’. I have seen my grandmother crying and smiling and sometimes disappointed.

So It’s kind of the sender is talking to the receiver through the words written in it. They can feel what is the other person is feeling or may have felt. Trying to adapt the same method of writing, like talking to your readers, can bring up the effectiveness in your writings.

Just try and let me know. Do share your thoughts on this one because I’m also going to try and would love to know your opinions and other suggestions (perhaps drawbacks).