I always felt like having no friends to talk to or spend time with will eventually throw me into depression and someday I’ll die of taking excessive sleeping pills. But thanks to my brother who suggested me to ‘Write’ because since then life is something else than what I had imagined.

Today it’s been 5 years since I started writing. 5 years back I began with a BlogSpot blog, which had just random thoughts about everything, I and my imagination collided with. Within these 5 years I decided to write two books and dropped every project in between because impulsive decisions are always flops. If you ask me what I have achieved from past 5 years as a writer, then I would say ‘nothing but something every writer should have before she attempts the ultimate task of bleeding the pen; Experience.’

Today I’m not yet an Author, but I have written so much to cherish and be proud of. Today I have no money that I earned from writing but I have priceless books which shall always keep me inspired and give me hope for my ‘tomorrows’. Today I’m not yet anything so the world shall remember me tomorrow. But I shall not stop, for I’ve decided to inspire many more if not as a writer then as a dreamer, just inspire many more after me.

How I keep the creativity alive in me? Not so intellectual methods.


We live in the virtual world where everything is just a click away.

Facebook: Well, I quit facebook a week ago. I had that since like 2010 and I was so much addicted to it. To be very frank Facebook is the best platform to stay creative if you want to. As like a coin this social media too has some bad face that you should not pay heed or be bothering about.

What you can do there is:

  1. Add as many as good friends of yours to your profile
  2. Like pages that will keep you inspiring

Sharing some of mine

The Honest Musing

The Lunatic

Akif Kichloo

  1. Post status worth sharing. But please don’t post personal stuffs unless it has some morals or lessons others should learn from. No one gives a shit about how you feel today.
  2. Post your creative works and tag friends. Tagging is annoying I know, but do tag. If anyone found it offensive then do care not to tag them again.
  3. Reply to the comments and check out others posts and share your thoughts. Stay connected.

Twitter: This one is awesome. And it’s just random.

  1. Follow people whose tweets are worthy and inspiring. About this I made a big mistake by following each and everyone I found without even checking whether their tweets were good enough or what. Now my tweet feed looks like trash and in them I always miss worthy and inspiring tweets. (but this will definitely bring you some good number of followers)
  2. Whenever you do something creative don’t forget to tweet about it. Post a photo of your work along with it.
  3. If you haven’t yet done anything creative but you are thinking to do something, then you should start tweeting those thoughts. Because somehow that will help you find way to get it done.
  4. Retweet

Blog: If you are here and yet you don’t have a blog, then it’s high time you should. Go for wordpress. And if you have one (in wordpress) then probably you know where to find inspirations, creativity and prompts.

  1. Read others blog posts and share your thoughts about it.
  2. Follow good blogs
  3. Check out Freshly Pressed and Recommended for more.

Pinterest : I’m a pinterest addict

  1. Create boards about anything and everything
  2. Pin all your favourite things.
  3. Go through so many of images which shall inspire you like hell about everything.
  4. It’s the best place to plan your dreams like a vision board and have an urge to achieve it before it’s late.

There are so many other platforms and now have little patience ‘Because Google will help you out.

Staying inspired and creativity needs just a bit of your time and attention. But then you got to turn off your so called virtual world and you have to work for everything you have ever dreamed about.