Chapter 2

 Sundays are always the best for us—me and Aaryan. Even I’m almost always working through home, writing articles and researching and just go to the office studio for only to interview someone for the channel I work for–which doesn’t happen often—I don’t get much time to spend with Aaryan in the mornings. But evenings are always fun and sometimes we stay out late night, partying in our own spaces—Just me and Aaryan; that’s where my world begins and ends too.


Today it was yet again a beautiful Sunday, but not that beautiful for me since I can’t get my mind off from my past that Richa poked last night and her words that made me regret about what happened. Still Aaryan was someone on whom I can give up everything but not his happiness. So as per the plan we made last Sunday, today we decided to stay out all day.


Aaryan was pretty much conscious about his face, outfits and his looks—he was just five! Aaryan always surprised me because he has never seen Aadi and Aaryan is not even his son but yet he has got so much like him that I never felt like I adopted him, about which Aadi doesn’t know.

My little prince was still in front of mirror trying to figure out whether to wear his ironman t-shirt or the cute blue shirt that he compelled me to buy from a small shop in the street near to our flat. He kept both on his chest, one by one, to check which suits more.

“Ironman looks hot, sir” I said. He gave a plain look to my face and again got busy with his confusions. I walked to the bed and sat there looking at his innocent gestures. Then he turned to me “Mma, I think we should throw away all these childish t-shirt. I’m a grown up man” he said and to the obvious, my mouth was open hearing what my big matured five years old son just said. He chose the blue shirt and a sand colour shorts, tied his shoes and got ready within minutes.

We got into the car I bought last year. I had managed to save much of the earnings from all what I do apart from the job for channel—like freelance writing, doing craft works and online selling, sometimes I even go for maternity and newborn photography from which all I earn pretty good for me and my son. Today, I knew I’m going to burn a lot of my money since we are going to Mumbai’s biggest mall, Rcity. So I saved much more this time and enjoy to no limits and keep my son always happy as I can.

As we drove off the streets Aaryan started speaking about his plans and what all things he wants to buy. He was planning this for whole week and I was sure there is no chance he’s going to less anything from the list; stubborn. I was really happy. With him around I always had this long curve of smile on my face. When I first saw him sleeping on the bed beside his mother, it was the same happiness like a ghost—started haunting on my face. Even though when Aaryan’s innocent mistakes cross the limits, I try to be the strict mother but I fail immediately when he just looks down on his feet in regret and say “Sorry mma” and I broke into tears with that same smile on my face.


After half n hour of our drive, we finally reached Rcity. Sundays are pretty crowed and even though we were early just to park our car in the parking lot; it was already full with many more who came even earlier than us. So we had to drive a hundred meter away and had to walk to the mall.

“mma, Do I look good?” Aaryan asked.

“Yes son, you look handsome”

We went into the mall and the first thing we decided to do was to go to food court and eat. Because by the whole time till we reached the mall, Aaryan reminded me like ten times that ‘there were rats running inside his belly’—he was always hungry; Aadi too.


We had a light brunch but Aaryan was not satisfied with it that plus to the brunch, he had a 3 piece chicken bucket from KFC. I just kept looking at him having it like he has not eaten anything for years and he was finally eating something. It made me laugh.

“What?” Mr. Serious asked.

“Nothing sir. Eat fast we have a lot more things to do, right?” I said and went to buy water.

Then It was time for our ‘the big fat shopping’. We went through shops to shop. We were enjoying being the customers and looking everything with hell lot of fascination

By two o clock in the afternoon we covered almost all of the shops in the mall and had heavy bags in my hands with all the things we bought. Aaryan again started reminding me about the rats.

“Pinku, amma is so tired. Let’s sit somewhere and rest for a while. Then we’ll go and have lunch. Okay?” I asked.

“Okay, but now can I have ice-cream?”

“We have to go another floor up for ice creams dear” I said.

“No mma. See there’s an ice-cream store.”

It was a new Ice-cream store on the floor which I had no idea about. I gave him money and he ran to the shop. I kept looking at him since it was so crowd that he may get lost even the shop was not so far from where I was sitting. But within a blink of an eye Aaryan was gone from my sight. I stood up and ran to the store, looked everywhere for him but he was gone.

I almost broke into tears when I saw, the blue shirt standing a bit away to the corner. I ran to him and hugged, I was crying because a moment ago I thought I lost him.

“I have told you dear never go so far from my sight that I feel like I lost you. You scared me hero!” I kissed on his forehead.

“What were you doing here” I asked.

He pointed his finger to the TV screen above, on the wall.”mma, look it’s the man on the TV. Isn’t he the one you have in the photos in your room? You always cry looking at them. Why mma? Did he hurt you?”

It was Aadi on the TV, giving interview to some channel. I have seen him on TV before but this time Aaryan shocked me. I never knew he had noticed the photographs of Aadi on the walls. He never asked me anything about him. He was never curious about those photos. But he was noticing all that I have been doing. And he was mature by this age to know that I was hurt, even he doesn’t know what it really meant to get hurt.

I sat there with him on a seat and watched the interview. Aaryan did not asked any more questions even though I did not answer any of them he asked earlier. He sat on my lap and rested his head on my chest and kept looking at the screen

“So we heard a rumour about you, that you are married. Is it true?” Interviewer asked.

I leaned forward; I never knew that was coming. I was curious to know his response to that question and he had the smile on his face; the beautiful one like always.

 “Yes, I am. It’s more like I was. Any question, any talk or anything about her doesn’t matter anymore” Aadi said.


There was silence for a while. Then he spoke.

 “She is dead”