So let me just put it this way “I love everything creative”. So today it’s painting day. Well, I should not say that ‘cause painting is quite usual for me. If I am happy I’ll just grab my journal and scribble random thoughts and then take my painting kit, choose light happy colors and paint them. Though they don’t look like real painting—to be frank—I admire MY PAINTINGS!

Its’ true, I love everything I do. I love myself a lot, precisely. Some say I’m just being too much dramatic and some say I’m selfish. Either way I love being myself.

So, today I thought to paint.  First of all, I needed something, a very calm and soft color painting for my wall. As I went through the World Wide Web for inspirations, I found beautiful pictures of flowers. But I didn’t choose any of it. I just painted random flowers with some cute colors and my painting was done.


The next I thought was to create an Art Journal since painting is pretty much a hobby for me. I started with the first page of the journal, but I didn’t complete.


Still I’m happy; I spend a holiday quite creative. All you got to do is—know what makes you happy, grab the stuffs needed and do it! YOLO (you live only once)

-Uma Devu-