Yesterday my father gave me a diary which he got for free from a steel trading company. The diary pages were pretty good. I’m obsessed with diaries. I have like hundreds of them already and couldn’t say no to this too.


But the bind looked really dull to me. So I decided to give it a makeover and decorate it beautifully.

And this is going to be my new journal, by the way! I love doing creative stuffs and I’m crazy about crafts. It’s kind of invention. You sit with all the stuffs and think about how to make something work for us. And then we come up with an idea and finally when it turns out to be pretty good, it’s like EUREKA!

I went into my craft box and found random things to decorate it. I wanted to change how the front bind looked. I stick pictures and quotes I love on it and gave a border with green color duct tape.


Now it actually looks good and I’m going to start writing about random stuffs soon, which I’ll be sharing with you eventually.

DSC_0145 (2)

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