Months ago as part of an online social media campaign, I started posting daily pictures and thoughts under the tag ‘#100HappyDays of a #LunaticGirl.’ First of all, I was never regular. I posted them twice in a week or maybe nothing at all. Somehow I managed to post for 38 days when actually it became more than 70 days already.

There are two reasons I never finished it.

  1. I am damn lazy – about which I have to tell you that I’m recovering that state of mind and actually doing better and more work than before. So bravo myself!
  2. I easily forget – I still forget little things. To overcome this, I now manage a small cutie-pie diary to scribble important things to do and thus I became a to-do list freak which really helped me stay organized and up to date.

Now, I thought when I am doing well with these two weaknesses, why don’t I restart #100happydays posts. My friends who were following the sequel have requested me to continue it. I would like to mention one person, my good friend and a fellow blogger, who asked me like hundred times to post more on the tag– Colourfade. So here I am to announce that I’ll be continuing the sequel, regularly and I am writing this post to just make me aware of a responsibility of completing something that I announced kind of officially to my readers.

Day 39 

An incomplete work from my art journal 🙂