My wish list never ends. Each day the count goes on and I sometimes feel like “Will I ever be able to fulfill any of it?” I don’t wish something that is impossible. Those who know my wish list probably would think that ‘I’m a silly girl who dreams of doing silly things that are far more silly and stupid than me. “

I would like to pen a dream or a small wish here. I want to grow old and live peacefully with the one who is meant for me. A small vintage home, a very small one, painted sky blue and with a garden in front of it and may be a stream flowing.


I hate the busy sophisticated life everyone around is struggling to deal with.

I just wonder how beautiful life would have been if there were no spoon-feeding classes but self-learning experiences, no dreams of big mansions but a small cottage to live in and no tall buildings around but tall and beautiful flowering trees.

Wait! Are all these just fantasies?