I have been thinking about this from a while. We talk and read a lot about the importance of education.  But what exactly is the purpose of it? Does every child in this nation get proper education? If not, then what is the importance of education to others that one group of children are denied to have it? 

Let’s go to the very base of it. We educate ourselves and our children so they get better life facilities and hence a better living. That’s it; nothing more, nothing less. While a group of people are not able to give their child basic education and sometimes not even proper food. So can we do anything at all to eradicate the poverty of our country? No, it’s not that easy I know but it’s not impossible too.

All we have to do is to change the way we think.  Stop feeling superior and selfish. We are educated, we can read, write and have knowledge about our course subjects and other basics and some brilliant talents have knowledge about more than that. You can get good jobs, earn some good money and have a better life.

On the other hand you can do something to make this country a better place. I’m not talking about creating noble miracles or a blink-of-an-eye change, but about seeing things that we should and doing something to change it—at least volunteering 1% of it instead of blaming the changing govt.

So I am proposing, everyone should volunteer and educate a child with whatever knowledge you have. Be kind to do it for free. Education is never about achieving degrees or having a white collar job but to have the wisdom to know that life is worth to fight for. And to fight and survive this world you need education—something you can earn without any university degrees.


“I pledge free teaching to as many as children those who can’t afford school and when I have much in my purse to afford, I will sponsor a child and make his/her every dream come true.”