A Smartphone Wish

I don’t have a phone and it’s true. Not because I don’t like one but I live in a conservative family and my parents think that a smart phone for me will be waste of money. I never complain or compel them to buy me one at least to stay connected with my friends. But I really wish if I had one. And my father last month said that I can have a new phone soon after I complete my college, about which I’m glad.

courtesy : economictimes.indiatimes.com

So, if I am to buy a phone it would definitely be one like Moto E Smartphone. I am a writer. But being a college student and working a little bit with teaching little children after my classes I find it a bit hard to manage blogging, connecting with others and everything together. Having a Smartphone will definitely help me a lot.

As soon as I buy one, the first thing I’ll choose to do is to download few apps that will help me stay organized and less stressed.

  1. Evernote: Being a writer, I need to scribble a lot. Well, for that I have a journal always with me still Evernote will definitely help me stay organized with the notes and important quotes arranged by date and time, which will save a lot of time when I finally sit to write.
  2. Buffer: After all the hush and hurry, I finally get time to write in the night. But then I don’t get much time to share it. And I’m a twitter person hence Buffer is a saviour. I can schedule all my post before I go to sleep.
  3. WordPress: This is very essential for me because that’s what my virtual world is.
  4. Whatsapp: Even though I’m not so cool with whatsapp (I think friends just hide themselves in it so much and give less value in being together and in having fun) but since all my friends are available there I’ll get to find them all easily.
  5. Kindle: for my reading even while I’m travelling. So more time saved.

This is how it goes. I’m sure I’ll find more to save my time with ease if I have a smart phone. I hope this post helps who have a Smartphone already and can relate themselves with my situation.


Lets choose to start with : http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ 

2 thoughts on “A Smartphone Wish

  1. I sometimes feel I should get rid of phone . but yeah my family has to reach me out often and need to talk to them and many a time there are official calls which are inevitable hence phone has become hard to get rid of. But yeah I have reduced the usage than before ..

    1. You are right! We should reduce unnecessary using of phone. For me it was never so hard going without it still I’m doing so much at once that I need something to keep myself organized and these apps would help me a bit If I had one phone with me. 🙂 Thank u for reading!

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