I’m sure if you are into travel like a traveler never a tourist or at least planning for the same, then you must be a fan of the movie ‘Into the Wild’ and if you haven’t watched then it’s high time. Plus to this the previous year the movie ‘Wild’ came out to inspire many others. (Well, ‘Into the Wild is an extra-ordinary movie where ‘Wild’ cannot be even consider to compare with it)

‘Wild’ directed by ‘Jean-Marc Vallee’ starring ‘Reese Witherspoon’ is based on the bestselling memoir of ‘Cheryl Strayed’ about the cathartic three and a half months she spent hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

The movie says about Cheryl Strayed, a divorcee who sets off for a long walk through the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) all alone. Her only companion is her giant backpack which is called a monster by other travelers whom she meets at stops. As she walks, the story reveals her past, relationship with her mother and the reason behind her divorce. There is nothing much about the story. But the long walk into the struggles of being a solo women traveler, the determination of making it through the deserted ups and downs and finally seeking the salvation from her bitter past. On her way, she meets with obstacles through which the movie follows and inspires us to take the risk and live beyond what you have already been through.

This movie was Reese Witherspoon’s comeback in lead role. I found it odd that she was nominated for the Academy award for this movie. She was not bad but yet I don’t think it was her extra-ordinary performance for winning Oscar award.

DoP and Editing deserves a clap for keeping the intriguing and mysterious touch and tone of the movie all along. Even though the things are revealed in flashes and a bit boring we won’t feel lost in the making.

One reason for which I suggest you to watch the movie is that it will make you look into your past and will compel you to find a reason to pack your bags and just walk off. So give it a try with less expectation!