I love reading poetry
I like hearing bed-time stories
I’m passionate about travelling 
I can’t live without writing.

I love humming songs and
Dance around when I am happy
I love looking in the mirror and
Smile like I’m crazy

I feel early sunshine and 
That brings delight
I love playing in the mud and
Lying on the grass

I look for butterflies and
Love chasing them.
I like making friends and
Have fun eating their ears
I like annoying them with my songs
And complain they don’t care.
I love my little pets
three dogs and a bunch of fishes.

I love the scars on my body
‘Cause they are memories
I love looking beautiful 
But I never stress to be.
I like long skirts 
‘Cause they hide my thighs
I don’t think I’m ugly 
But sometimes I’m not comfortable.

I’m afraid to be alone
But I love solitude
I fear the world but
I will face it even if I fail.

I wish to get old and
Live alone near a lake
I love myself a lot and 
I know, no one can do that as much as I do.