Dear readers,

First of all thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. I’m posting this to notify everyone that I’ve been writing about so many things in this blog. And now I find everything to be in a mess. So to arrange and organize everything accordingly, I’m going to narrow down the niche of this blog to creative writings like flash fiction, poetry, haikus and articles related to literature, movie and social issues.

In this blog I’ve been writing personal stuffs also which I won’t be doing here anymore but you can find such in my facebook page (please like and connect if you are there)

I’ve been also painting and photographing from a while and I want to take it to next level to learn and explore more about it. For that I have created another blog which I named as ‘Lemonade Tales’. So those who are interested in painting, photography and making pretty things can join my journey there.

I’m so sorry if I am creating inconvenience to my readers by dividing everything. But I have no other options and you are always free to unsubscribe if my blog is no more helpful or entertaining to you.