As for today, I’m completely in a mood to cook. But like all my other hobbies, I don’t want to jump into it in a rush and create a mess around. I’m holding that thought of cooking. I think I’m a not-so-bad-cook because my parents have praised me for silly snacks I cook for tea. Apparently that is the reason that brought confidence in me today to try out a heavy recipe which may have dragged me into trouble if I had tried it on the first hand. Luckily, I didn’t but I will. Sooner or later I will start cooking more often than now and fall in love with that process too like I do to all other things I do in my routine such as writing, painting, craft, designing and so on.

I don’t know I’m obsessed with everything creative. I cannot resist myself from trying out things that fascinate me. Something that has raised my heartbeat in joy at least for a second has become a material for experiment. I have, at points, terribly failed but that never discouraged me from doing more. Some people, who know me so close say I am crazy, some call me insane and have seriously suggested me to consult a doctor and very few came along understanding my thoughts.

Well, well I didn’t cook today, that’s the news. It’s raining here and I’m enjoying like I always do. I took photographs which doesn’t make any sense but somehow I feel good about them. I may paint today, because it seems a pleasant day to me. Oh, it’s just one phase of this bright day. There is always the deep dark sadness that I bare inside. But I know I can find time for that sadness and cry a little about them in the night when everyone is asleep and that’s enough. I cannot ignore all the good things just because I have something to be sad.

Photographs, that does not make any sense!


                                                                               That’s my art 😀