The Man Next Door | A Mystery flash fiction | Re-Post Marathon 🙂

Uma Devu


He always had a mysterious grin on his face. Living in an apartment in Mumbai, all alone and barely walking out of his space in daylight made his neighbours cautious about him.

Once, the IT executive who lived right opposite to our mystery man’s apartment peeped in to spy what’s happening inside and unfortunately he was caught by our angry young man who never liked someone trying to disturb his privacy. Beat him almost to death. And then no one has seen this IT guy ever around the place; he was gone.

Every weekend a bunch of guys rush into his apartment with beer bottles in hands and ‘The Hotel California’ in their lips. They shout and scream in joy. That’s when people realize there is this young mysteriously odd man lives in their flat and they should be bother about such a neighbor who could be a danger someday.

And that’s…

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