The Incomplete Kiss | Flash Fiction | Re-Post Marathon 🙂

Uma Devu



“May I kiss your lips?” I asked.

She was shy to my approach but heard a ‘Yes’ under her breathe.

I intentionally held her close to my heart wishing if she could hear it beating for a desire to have her tonight.

I kissed her, slowly, so she could feel the warmth of my tongue.

She wasn’t so passionate, as I was so much about the moment. Her eyes weren’t closed, enjoying the kiss; neither had they looked in to mine. They were carelessly running here and there as if she was afraid of someone must be watching.

She was right!

We were standing just beneath a surveillance camera. I assume the security on the other side must be calling his wife to have a night together with wine.  I took her cheeks between my fingers and kissed her deeply so she could forget to breathe by herself.


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