I will travel alone to places I have never been. I would meet my old friends and share some good times with them. I will climb on a mountain or trek through a forest with a thought to feel free.  I will walk slowly seeing the sky and feeling the clouds so near to me.  I will put up a tent there and fire some twigs to warm my hands. Stare at the stars as I lie on the dark stones. I would not sleep ‘cause I don’t want to miss the view of a beautiful dawn. I will stay awake all night listening to some old jazz music and writing down thoughts in my journal. When I witness the sunrise I would cry a little bit. I would picture the view in my heart and cherish it as long as I am alive. Two days later I will walk down through the hills. I’ll be tired for I must have eaten nothing but some dry bread and have drunk only river water if I get. I will catch next train and return back to my home; a 1 bhk flat with colorful pretty things stuffed in every corner. I will fall on to my cozy bed and take a long nap. Again I would find another place, pack my bags and walk away for my next adventure.

Thoughts from my journal (Un-edited) 🙂 I thought to share a page from my journal. Since my camera is not working I couldn’t add any pic of my journal but will share more soon 🙂