Life begins with questions.

What is going to happen tomorrow? What will stay with us from yesterday? Will we be able to survive today?

And the answers lie within our lives itself. We need to explore and discover. That’s where we achieve salvation, the so called spiritual word. For me, that is going to be when I finally feel complete.


Life, as I always-always say, is unpredictable. Yet I strongly suggest you to be a part of that life designing process.

Design it.

Just think of all those things you want to do. Think how you want your life to be.  Do have an idea to reach those destinations like a map to your favorite place. Never feel inferior or superior. Have a balance so that you don’t fall often. But you will, at times fall in places you feel uncomfortable. But keep this in mind that it is your life and your struggle, have a Plan B and learn to survive every downs and ditches in between.

“Life either is a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

Your heart must beat to live life to the fullest. Then don’t think twice or look back. You have to do it. Like listening to heart’s music and dancing to its beat.