I watched Insidious, both parts, the previous year. I’m a huge horror fan as I mention in every corner of a movie talk. I’m have a passionate obsession towards fear and can marry a horrifying ghost, to put it precise.


So, Insidious Part 1 directed by James Wan (My only celebrity crush), written by Leigh Whannell and starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Lin Shaye in the lead is a full power pack of a thrilling mysterious ghost movie.

Let me put it this way, the story begins with a vacuum and there is something terrible out there which is trying to adapt itself into this vacuum.  James Wan has his own unique style in executing this mystery into a lengthy nail-biting movie.

The frame, the color tone, background music everything convinces us to believe that, it’s happening and we are going to be watching the whole movie, completely petrified.

DoP, John R. Leonetti and David M. Brewer deserve a shout out for amazingly pictured shots, since that is an important essence to create fear in us.

There are definitely some scientific explanations given to things happening in the movie which makes it more promising, yet being a complete fiction will certainly bring confusions about few things. And those confusions shockingly, were solved in Insidious Part 2 which was a continuation of Part 1 directed by again the same James Wan.

Lot of things which made sense in the first part itself, made a lot more sense in the second part, which also reminded me again that shock is different from haunting. Because, this movie definitely shocked us by showing terrible ghosts and other screaming background scores, but yet was an ultimate story of horror, that would haunt us even days after we are done with it.

It’s a must watch because this is going to be treat for sure.

Eagerly waiting for Part-3