It was way back in 2000, when I was 6 years old. One night I had this dream where I accidently swallow a coin. And when I struggle with it, stuck in my throat, my father gave me some kind of drink which helped me vomit the coin out. That was it; a dream.

The very next day I went to school and the first thing I did was, telling this incident to my classmates as something that really happened last night. It was an obvious lie and I purposefully did that because I loved the feeling of creating excitement and horror among my friends.

I continued to lie this to as many as children in the school.

Years later when I joined for college in 2011, my teacher asked me to tell something exciting that happened in my life. I stood up and started telling the story of a coin in my throat. When I finished, my teacher was also very excited.

“What was that drink your father gave you?” she asked.

“I don’t know ma’am. I should ask him I guess” I replied without any hesitation.

But something really horrible has happened. I was completely clueless that this story was a dream and it never happened. Because, a lie that I made up years before eventually became a true incident to me as I kept repeating and sharing it with more and more people I met. No one ever found out and never anyone tried to.

Completely unaware of this, I went to my mother that evening and asked her about the drink I had to vomit the coin out of my throat. She was surprised and told me without any doubt that ‘no such thing ever happened in my entire life’. But me, who as grew up started believing it to be true, refused to agree with it and debated with my parents for another two years about this.  And every night when I think about it, the thought of that incident started haunting me and many questions aroused.

Was it a dream? If it was, then how am I able to tell the entire thing without even forgetting a bit of it? Or are my parents lying because there is a mysterious and dark secret behind it that I should not know?

Anyways now I’ve slowly started realizing the truth behind a lie can eventually become true to your conscious mind, if you believe it to be true. That’s when I recalled about the book ‘The Secret’ which says ‘what you exert to the universe comes back to you, that’s the ‘Law of attraction’.