It was necessary to sit and think for a while about, who I am, how I am and what am I supposed to do!

Self-analysing, as far as I am concerned, is important. You should sit, have a thought every now and then or at least once in while about what you exactly are.

Since last week, things are on a roller-coaster and it’s streaking down without a break. I, at a point, thought to quit few things that can totally destroy my dreams and can throw me into a depressing and boring life.

But I was not ready to do it in an impulse as I used do. This is really important to me. This is how I am going to decide that how should I live my entire life until I die.

21 years so far and more years ahead, should I quit just like that?

I decided to rewind.

Who am I?


I’m 21 years old, a stubborn about nothing but my dreams. My dream is to travel as far as possible. I want stories to write about and to be a part of. I want to be happy in whatever I am doing. I want people to remember me in a good way. And lastly, I want everyone around me to be happy when they think about me.

Now this helped me. I remembered all those struggles I went through to reach here and to be able to write. I reminded myself of those promises I made. I still owe it to me. Quitting just like that is going to be a betrayal. It would mean that I wasted almost every bit I so far lived.

Are you going to quit? Then please take a moment to remind yourself who you are. It will be easy, as like a blink of an eye, to quit. But remember how hard it was to build a dream and how it is going to be once you lose hope of looking into your blank and aimless future.

I may fail, terribly. But it is better to fail after trying rather than quitting without giving it a chance.